StarSeed Gems

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Client Comment

When it came time to exchange rings, my wedding band had somehow fallen out of the wooden box I had made but never secured. Luckily it was found immediately following the ceremony, but during the ceremony we kept things going smoothly without interruption. Our officiant said to me you have a ring right here, and instinctively I took off the ring you made me with my Nana’s ashes, and used it in place of my wedding band as we said our vows. It was a powerful experience and I knew that my Nana was with us. I am eternally thankful for that gift and still hold my jewelry as one of my most treasured possessions. Whenever I wear them, it helps me remember that I am not alone and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, Lynn.

submitted by Jess, in Canada

Jessica Wearing Her Starseed Wedding Ring

Shiloh in the Redwoods

From Cindy & Laura,

Shilo in the Redwoods


Shiloh's Garden arrived Friday. It was so beautiful I gave it to Laura Saturday and now she can take Shiloh to the Redwoods in California next week.
She is totally in love with all the pieces.
Thank you!!