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Our Story

Let us tell you about our Michael, and let us tell you why we do what we do...

Our Story

Michael Pope Cheney

Michael Pope Cheney

In early 2006 our 22 year old son, Michael, contracted a super bug (MRSA) while away at college.  He was a healthy, robust college junior, but this drug resistant bacterium took his life in only 4 days.  

We wanted very much to have something in the form of jewelry for his ashes, but were unable to find something both beautiful and affordable.  

Since Michael was a lover of light, and since he was born in Cape Canaveral Hospital,  we decided to experiment with glass that was originally developed to protect the faces of American astronauts in space. Once we learned how to create beautiful gems, we experimented with treating  ashes in such a way that they will continuously absorb and release energy in the form of light.  In darkness, the ashes cast a faint light and resemble a Heavenly night sky.

Physicists have said, “We are all made of stardust left over from the dawn of creation,” and “the universe is a hologram, every part contains the pattern of the whole.”  We love the idea that we are stardust and that each of our ashes contains the pattern for the whole being.

Thus was born StarSeed Gems.

Marion and I have found great comfort in many places….pastors who have been reassuring and supportive, friends and family who have held us up when we thought surely we would fall and never get up, and our clients, who have shared their own stories and grief with us have helped us with their kindnesses and sense of community. One place, though, that has sincerely provided knowledge, research, assurance and a wonderful reading list is the 100% volunteer non-profit below. Could NOT have gotten through our pain without them! Membership is free.

Forever Family Foundation