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Welcome to the StarSeed Gems Website 


 We are so glad that you decided to visit StarSeed Gems. We create custom designed keepsake jewelry in which are fused cremation ashes of loved ones. On these pages you can see some of a wide selection of custom designed keepsake jewelry that we have developed. You can also learn about us, why we got started making cremation ashes jewelry, and some of the methods which we use.  W                      are so glad that you decided to visit StarSeed Gems. We create custom designed keepsake jewelry in which are fused cremation ashes of loved ones. On these pages you can see some of a wide selection of custom designed keepsake jewelry that we have developed. You can also learn about us, why we got started making cremation ashes jewelry, and some of the methods which we use.


Our newest settings are precast in the United Kingdom and in Europe, in .925 solid Sterling Silver.  We add a 4 prong setting into which we can securely set your StarSeed Gem.  These are chosen for their symbolism and ability to safely hold a StarSeed Gem.

The pendant shown here is fashioned like an unending ribbon, even the bail is a part of that ribbon.  The pendant is 1.5" long with a 10mm prong set StarSeed Gem.  This pendant was chosen due to its neverending mobius-style design and we call it Neverending Love.  It is $175 complete, which includes a sterling chain, the gem, gift packaging and shipping.

$175 complete 



  Other designs that are available are pictured here, and all are priced at $175.  You can see the signature piece using our son's signature on his voting card to make a pendant from his signature, with a StarSeed Gem added.  The signature pieces you will see are made by an artist who works in the USA.



At StarSeed Gems we now offer cremation ashes jewelry in  a wide range of style selections, metals and prices, as we try to include all budgets, with prices beginning at $85....In addition, no payment to StarSeed Gems is expected until your keepsake piece is completed and a photograph sent to you via email.  At that time, you may send a check or pay using Paypal, and the jewelry is shipped the same day payment is received.

Custom Designed Keepsake Jewelry
The Keita (all Hand Sculpted pieces are $265)


"Hi Lynn,

I am speechless; I cannot express with words how much I love the pendant. I know you put so much love into it I can feel Keitas energy around my neck like a hug. The gems and the plate are so perfect together.  I see and feel Keita in the design, the weight and the texture.

 I appreciate your artistry so much. even though this is a very difficult time somehow you have eased my pain. 

With deepest gratitude,



See how Lynn creates Starseed stones and forms pendants


Click on this link to see a video of Lynn explaining how she creates StarSeed stones and the basics of forming handmade pendants. This link will take you to a brief Florida Today newspaper article about our work. Click on the picture to see the video. Florida Today runs a brief ad before showing the video.

These are some of our newest offerings



This ring is made of .999 pure silver.  Since this

ring is not precast unique designs can be created.

This particular ring was hand made to honor a

baby boy whose mother feels his presence with

the appearance of butterflies. 

This hand crafted ring is priced at $265

Our cremation ashes jewelry pieces are priced from $85 for earrings and pendants set in simple precast .925 Sterling Silver,  $175 for StarSeed Gems set in precast sterling rings, brooches and fancy dangles.  We purchase our Sterling settings from the across the world, predominently from USA and from Great Britain, and we are pleased that we can offer some keepsake items at a more affordable cost by using some precast settings.  All StarSeed stones are created in our Cocoa, Florida studio.
Our hand sculpted pure silver pieces are $265.
We do not charge for our ash collection kits, we provide postage for their return to us, and we do not charge for shipping the finished pieces to you.  We do not require prepayment nor a deposit, except for extremely large orders, or for orders of 14K gold.

Cremation ashes earrings
Ten mm studs $85 a pair.(Or one for $60).
cremation ashes dangles
Ten mm dangles $85 a pair, shown with Clear Water

3 prong 10mm teardrop with head-on shot of Hummingbird StarSeed Gem $175 


 12mm aqua with rainbows set in sterling gallery setting $85

We now have access to some precast sterling pieces into which our stones can be set.


 This ring, called "Numbers" is priced at $175.

Some of our custom designed handmade cremation jewelry designs
Here are pictures and descriptions of some of our recent custom designed cremation ashes jewelry pieces.  These are pictures of the first of each type.  Some clients choose a design that we have used before, some have chosen a basic design but requested changes to include features which have personal meaning.  All pictures of pendants are provided to give you ideas to choose from. Remember, should you choose one of those pictured below, your piece will not be exactly like the one you chose because each cremation piece is handmade to order in our Cocoa Florida studio and no two are exactly alike.

Horizontal Freeform, with SeaLights and Patina, (below), $265

containing the cremation ashes of a beloved son

Style: MoonScape w/patinaStone Color: SeaLights
Description: This memorial pendant, a horizontal roll-over, is textured with craters, a masculine look when it has a heavy patina such as the one here. This piece of cremation ashes jewelry is frequently favored by men. Again, the stone is SeaLights, a most popular stone, with cobalt blue and bright sea green swirling through it, and an occasional shot of deep purple.

Style: Scallop Shell
Stone Color: Waterstar
Description: Shown enlarged, this keepsake pendant is about 1 ½” x 1 ½” with a top bail stamped with a sea life pattern. The body of the pendant was made by pressing the silver over an actual, natural scallop shell. The stone, which contains cremation ashes is a pale aqua with pink and gold running through it.

cremation ashes keepsake jewelry

Scallop Shell, $265

Handmade Keepsake Jewelry

This piece of handmade cremation ashes jewelry was crafted using natural coquina to create the texture in the silver setting.

The stone is called "clear blue silver" and is also called "Clear Water." The setting was darkened with a patina finish.




Why we call our stones "StarSeed Gems"

As we developed our keepsake jewelry, we devised a method of permanently fusing the cremation ashes of loved ones within art glass, creating beautiful "stones". Under normal light conditions when you see the stones in our handmade jewelry the colors are produced by the colors of the glass from which they are made. Typically, the cremation ashes are not visible except in darkness or under ultraviolet light. This is because we treat the cremation ashes with a photolumenescent substance so that they absorb light energy. Later, in darkness, the cremation ashes release this energy and cast gentle light resembling a beautiful night sky.

You can see this in these four pictures. The same two pieces of keepsake jewelry are shown. For each piece a picture was taken under normal light. Here the visable colors are from the glass and you can't see the cremation ashes. In the other picture, which was taken under ultraviolet light, you can see the glow from the treated cremation ashes.


Custom Designed Pendant  under normal light

Simma with Moonstar, Natural daylight, above $265

Simma with MoonStar, UV Light, below

Keepsake Pendant under UV light

 “...all physical things, including our own bodies, are made of star dust left from the dawn of creation…” Carl Sagan 


Our stones
Below are the stones which we typically use in our handmade jewelry.Sometimes when a client has a special color in mind we can produce it.If you don't see what you want, ask us.
The color of these stones as rendered on a computer screen can vary from the actual color of the stones.  Because of this we will send returnable sample stones featuring the colors which interest the client.

Clear Water
memorial jewelry
Morning Dew
memorial jewelry
memorial jewelry
Spring Sky
memorial jewelry
Sunrise 2
cremation ashes jewelry
Angel's Wing
cremation ashes jewelry
cremation ashes jewelry
cremation ashes jewelry
cremation ashes jewelry
Star Blanket
memorial jewelry
Sunset 1
Cremation memorial jewelry
Earth Stone
memorial jewelry
Love Song
memorial jewelry
River Song
memorial jewelry
cremation ashes jewelry
Sunset 2

First Light
cremation ashes jewelry
Moon Star
cremation ashes jewelry
Sea Mist
cremation ashes jewelry
Sunrise 1
memorial jewelry
Winter Sun
cremation ashes jewelry


StarSeed Gems Unique Designs We believe that when someone invests in a piece of custom designed keepsake jewelry that piece must have special appeal to that person. Therefore, we do not have a stock of already made pendants from which the client can choose.  Every keepsake pendant that we sell is handmade in our Cocoa, Florida studio to meet the desires of the client who ordered it.
Because of this we can offer you four options:
    You can choose a design that we have previously made.  (Note since each piece is hand crafted no two will be exactly alike).     
    You can choose to have one of these designs modified to meet your wishes.      
    We can design a pendant for you.  Let us know what you have in mind and we will work with you to create the design that pleases you.        
    If you have a plan of your own send us your sketch and we will produce the pendant.

"Grace and Zoe"
Custom Design to honor two individuals, on a tulip leaf with a ladybug and a bee...$265

How Your Handmade Jewelry can be Finished

Each piece of keepsake jewelry is highly polished, and at your request the finish can be lightly antiqued or darkened to a gun-metal finish. The cremation jewelry comes with your choice of satin or leather neck cord, with .925 silver clasps. Bails on our cremation ashes jewelry are created large enough to accommodate a variety of other chains, even Omegas. (see the pairs of photos below for an example of gun-metal patina).

In the pictures below you can see the same keepsake pendants before and after patina was added. In each pair the picture on the left is the polished pendant and on the right you can see the effects of the added patina.

Wild Grape cremation ashes keepsake jewelry
Wild Grape cremation ashes jewelry with Dark Patina
Handmade Jewelry
Custom Designed and Handmade Pendant with Patina


Our Prices


The design, pictured to the right, is called, "Simplest Setting." The StarSeed stone is approximately 3/4" long and is wrapped in fine silver. The shape of the stone can be adjusted to an oval or a circle. This design is priced at $175.00


 Our custom designed handmade pendants, those intended to tell your own favorite story or memory, are priced at $265, with no extra costs for original design services.


 Earrings with StarSeed Gems stones are priced at $85 for the pair, (single for $60) for sterling set studs or dangles.

 We are now offering rings. Precast .925 sterling silver with StarSeed Gems stones for $175.

 Upon special request, we will work in gold also with prices conditional upon current gold market. 


simplest  pendant for cremation ashes

"Simplest Pendant" with oval periwinkle, $175

We will create a pendant with your beloved pet's ashes,or you can try our sister site, (click here)

           Contact us at: 321-632-7770                or